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About Beehive
Beehive Broadband is Utah’s premier fiber Internet network, providing a high performance communications infrastructure that creates growth and opportunity for our customers and community. Beehive delivers enterprise-grade networking, communication, connectivity and entertainment services that address a wide range of telecommunications technologies. For more information about Beehive Broadband’s services visit ( or call 800.615.8021.

About Southern Fibernet
Southern Fibernet is a technology company that provides the only fiber to the home (FTTH) internet and video content services in the southeast. Southern Fibernet is owned by community-oriented investors. Its management team has over 30 years of experience in utility construction and fiber optic systems. Our managing partners and related utility construction company have been involved in multiple FTTH builds funded by government entities (USDA/RUS and NITA) and we have a well-earned reputation for high quality and service.  For more information, visit