Serve Any Environments

Deliver TV services to residences, dorms, classrooms, common areas and offices.

You don’t have to the same pair of shoes for every occasion, why do that with your TV services?  Choose the right technology for the right environment.

Best for: Why?
Set Top Boxes Common rooms and offices ·         Predictable behavior
·         Easy to troubleshoot remotely
·         Long playing time without requiring user interaction
·         Operate from a distance with a remote control
Web browser Personal use, mobile users ·         Requires key strokes or interaction with a mouse
·         Works in wired and wireless environments
Standard app Personal use, mobile users ·         Requires touch screen interaction
·         Works in wireless environments
Custom apps Non-standard viewing devices ·         Optimized for specific environment, eg. Video screens on exercise equipment and digital signage
OTT media players Temporary residents, student housing on and off campus ·         Good for large screen viewing
·         Includes a remote control
·         No hands-on installation support required
·         Supports access to other on-demand video content providers
·         Portable device for use at school and at home
·         Predictable video streaming